Frequently Asked Questions

9. Are gift certificates available?
Yes. This makes a lovely gift for a birthday or Christmas. Just contact Annie at

10. Do I need to be a good cook?
No. Beginner cooks are welcome. If you have a sincere wish to eat better and learn about the many ways to achieve healthful eating habits, that is all you need. Annie will adapt her teaching to each student's level of competence.

11. Are the classes hands-on?
Yes, some more than others, depending on the nature of the recipes.

12. What if I have a food allergy or a dietary constraint?
Just let Annie know in advance so she can accommodate your needs.

13. What if I don't want to do yoga?
No problem. However, the exercises are gentle stretching exercises done, for the most part, lying on the floor. No headstands here!

14. What is the weather like?
It is usually sunny with occasional rainy days due to the oceanic influence. Mild winters, hot and dry summers. In the spring and fall, temperatures average in the seventies.

15. What type of clothing should I bring?
Loose clothes for yoga, reiki, Qi Gong, etc. In the spring and fall, layered clothing. Sweaters for the evenings. Comfortable shoes. A rain jacket. A swimsuit. One dressy outfit (but not too!). In the summer, light clothing. In all seasons, comfortable clothes and shoes.