Frequently Asked Questions

15. What is the weather like?
It is usually sunny with occasional rainy days due to the oceanic influence. Mild winters, hot and dry summers. In the spring and fall, temperatures average in the seventies.

16. What type of clothing should I bring?
Loose clothes for yoga, reiki, Qi Gong, etc. In the spring and fall, layered clothing. Sweaters for the evenings. Comfortable shoes. A rain jacket. A swimsuit. One dressy outfit (but not too!). In the summer, light clothing. In all seasons, comfortable clothes and shoes.

17. What are some other things I should bring?
Your camera, a small backpack, notebooks. Please pack a small suitcase. Life is simple in Gascony.

18. Is there a train from Charles de Gaulle Airport?
Yes, however, it is not a direct train, as you will have a connection in Bordeaux.

19. Which train should I take back from Agen?
As the session ends on a Saturday, the recommended train leaves mid-morning and arrives in Paris (Gare Montparnasse) mid-day so you will be able to enjoy an afternoon and evening in Paris before returning to the States on Sunday.

20. Do I need travel insurance?
Absolutely! Travel cancellation insurance is mandatory.

21. How do I find out about international health insurance?
International health insurance coverage is mandatory. There are many companies that offer this type of coverage. Please check with your health insurance provider.