Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is Le Couloumé?
Le Couloumé is located in Saint Orens Pouy Petit between Condom and Lectoure, mid-way between Bordeaux & Toulouse.

2. What is the class size?
To ensure a high-quality session, each group is limited to three people. Three couples are also welcome.

3. Can you create a private session?
Yes of course. A $500 rebate will be offered to the person who puts a group together.

4. In the event I bring a group, can our session be customized?
Absolutely. Annie will be happy to discuss your desired focus and the mix of activities you and your friends would like.

5. Will you accept four people?
Yes, Annie can make arrangements if a group of four friends would like to attend.

6. Would Slow Life in France fit into my corporate incentive program?
Absolutely. Studies show that happier employees are more productive employees. Your staff will benefit greatly from a week of relaxation at Le Couloumé and will learn skills to handle stress better in their work environment. Discounts of 10% are offered to companies who will enroll five or more people.

7. When does the session begin? End?
Sessions begin on a Sunday and end the following Saturday.

8. Is it okay if I don't speak French?
Absolutely. Annie is fluent in English, and quite a few people here speak English as well, as many British people have homes in the Gers.