The house

Annie's home is known as "Le Presbytère" (the former residence of the village's priest). It sits in La Romieu, a small village that is included in the prestigious list of "the Most Beautiful Villages in France" as well as being a UNESCO World Heritage site. The village dates from the 11th century and is famous for its magnificent church ("La Collégiale") and its majestic cloister. It is on the road of the pilgrimage of Santiago de Compostela.

La Romieu counts only about 500 inhabitants yet offers many conveniences including a well-stocked grocery and wine store, a bookstore and newsstand, a hair salon, a post office, a doctor's office, a baker and two cafes/restaurants, as well as a nationally-renown arboretum and gardens, les Jardins de Coursiana.

The House is an elegant 18th-century home with high ceilings, ancient floors of terracotta and old planks, original woodwork and thick stone plaster walls. It is tastefully decorated with family antiques, old and contemporary paintings, collections of handmade pottery - a mix of American comfort and French charm. Annie's kitchen, the heart of the house, opens to a dining and sitting room with a fireplace. The kitchen, with its marble countertops, large island and a professional Lacanche stove, makes the perfect setting for cooking classes and convivial meals. Another spacious living room, with big comfortable sofas, books and antiques invites conversation. The original limestone staircase, with its hand-carved steps and hand-forged iron railing, brings you upstairs. All bedrooms have comfortable beds and modern en-suite bathrooms. A massage and wellness room as well as a wine cellar stocked with local wines are new additions to the house. A pretty garden, with its white roses, small pool and courtyard filled with boxwoods and hydrangeas, welcomes you on warm days.

All in the heart of a charming village...

Please note: the house was completely restored in 2020 and offers air-conditioned bedrooms, a rarity in France!