The region - GASCONY

"I fell in love with the sunflower fields, the hillside vineyards, the old villages, the majestic castles. Gascony, with its untouched landscape, is a little jewel."

Gascony is a region off the beaten path where the French country heritage and traditions have been beautifully preserved. It is located in the southwest of France, not far from Spain. "The Land of a 1000 Castles" is not only a haven of culture, but also a bastion of French "art de vivre" that is thriving. It is known for its organic produce, vineyards, authentic food and its unique gastronomy, as Condé Nast Traveler writes (France's New Foodie Destination).

With its agricultural activity and pristine landscape - no highway crosses the region - it is also well-protected from urban development. And quite underpopulated. Humans here, as The New York Times remarks, "are vastly outnumbered by livestock, especially ducks".

The people of Gascony are genuine, generous, and fun-loving. They epitomize the expression "Eat, Drink and Be Merry". They passionately defend their rural environment and its natural bounty. Their philosophy of life, as demonstrated by d'Artagnan, dashing Musketeer and the most famous Gascon of all times, is based on freedom, independence and an appetite for the good life. It is best illustrated by the "Marchés de Nuit" ("Evening Markets") where locals and tourists sit together at long tables to enjoy delicious local foods and wines.

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An interesting fact: Gascony is the region of France with the highest life expectancy. Duck fat can't be that bad for you! It is also the leading "département" in France for organic agriculture.

"With its pristine medieval villages and preserved churches, Armagnac distilleries and duck markets, Gascony is the perfect spot for one to finally slow down..." (Conde Nast Traveler)